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Ex-RNLB The Hampshire Rose is privately owned and no longer a part of the RNLI lifesaving fleet.

Ilfracombe Boat Trips is a co-operative of boat owners who are working together to offer as many boat trip options as possible in one place. All our skippers are members of the Ilfracombe RNLI volunteer crew, and all are accredited locally and nationally as Wildlife Safe Operators. Whichever cruise you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that our years of experience, local knowledge and commitment to good customer service will ensure you'll enjoy the best Ilfracombe Boat Trip with us.

Our Fleet

Shelly N

Lobster Hunt Experience - Fishing - Sightseeing - Wildlife

Brand new in 2017, Ilfracombe’s latest boat has been designed and built to be ideal for her dual purpose as a commercial potting boat and a charter fishing vessel. Shelly N carries the latest technology available and a skipper with a vast knowledge of this coast and the best fishing grounds.

Shelly N is the ONLY boat in Ilfracombe to carry licences for both passenger charter and potting, and therefore not only can we offer the  usual range of fishing trips, we can also offer a unique Lobster Hunt experience,  during which you become an important member of the crew.

Obsession II

Wildlife - Sightseeing - Fishing - Explore Lundy Day Trips

Custom designed for the rigours of the Bristol Channel, Obsession II was built in 2007, and has been regularly upgraded ever since. She offers plenty of room for divers to kit up, for fishing gear to be spread out and for parties of sightseers and wildlife watchers to relax.

We provide a wide range of fishing, sightseeing and wildlife trips, and our unique and very popular Explore Lundy day trip is a great way to visit the Island, both on land and off.

The Hampshire Rose

Lifeboat Trips - Wildlife - Sightseeing

The Hampshire Rose served at Kent’s Walmer Lifeboat Station from 1975 – 1990, and then for two years as part of the RNLI relief fleet. She launched on service 146 times, saving 59 lives and aiding hundreds more.

Since 2012 she has been serving the public again, now in Ilfracombe as a passenger vessel for sightseeing cruises and wildlife trips along the coast.

Enjoy a ½hr cruise with local lifeboat crew volunteers, taking in the stunning scenery and the wildlife of the Bristol Channel, all aboard a real lifesaver!