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Ex-RNLB The Hampshire Rose is privately owned and no longer a part of the RNLI lifesaving fleet.

Cruise Lundy

Wildlife Sea Safari

around Puffin Island

Our Cruise Lundy trip gives you the chance to witness the beauty and majesty of the Island from the sea, without going ashore. The passage to the Island will take just over an hour, and you are free to move about the deck, come into the wheelhouse and generally make yourself comfortable, all the while keeping your eyes peeled for dolphins, porpoise and seabirds along the way. If the dolphins or porpoise are happy to come and swim alongside the boat, we'll alter our course to travel with them for a while as they want to play, giving you a really great opportunity to see these wonderful mammals up close.

When we arrive at Lundy, we will begin our cruise of the Island, seeking out the wildlife at both a safe and sensible speed and distance. Mostly along the east (near) side of the Island we would expect to find the resident population of Atlantic Grey Seals - surveys of the population give the count at around 200 seals, with some fluctuation over time. The seals might be basking on the rocks, playing in the water or feeding, but as many of them have grown to know our boats and expect us to give them divers to play with they will often come close to investigate and say hello.

Typically on the west (far) side of the Island, mainly around Jenny's Cove, we will find the nesting puffins that give Lundy it's name (derived from the Norse meaning Puffin (Lund) Island (-ey)). Over the last several years, the nesting population has recovered from virtually nothing to over 500 individuals, and although they are rather small, you can't help but notice these joyful little birds with their distinctive orange beaks.


Of course, there are also many other seabirds to see, incuding Kittiwakes, Guillemots, Razorbills and Manx Shearwaters, and dolphins, porpoise and even basking sharks can be seen in the water surrounding the Island. Our skippers and crew will point out and identify as many of the different species as possible during your trip.


Having cruised around Lundy, you will then begin your journey back to Ilfracombe, and don't forget to watch out for the dolphins again!

£45 adult, £30 child

One of the great things about the Cruise Lundy trip is that we can allow dogs - so owners can see Lundy without having to leave their four legged friends behind!

If you are bringing your dog, please do make sure that you let us know, and that you bring plenty of water for them to drink during the trip, as out to sea it is far easier to get dehydrated whether you are human or not!

for more information about Lundy Diving, visit lundydiving.co.uk
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